Gas Fireplaces and Gas log Observations

Gas is a simple and easy way to warm your home. With the flip of a switch or the touch of a button,  your fire is going with out any mess. The great part if your power goes out most units keep on running. Its a great alternative source of heat.

First you have to decide what fills your needs. How much is in your budget? Many times that makes the deciding factor.  Next you have to see where your going to put it. Do you have an existing fireplace and want to put something in it. Maybe a room with no heat. Then the big question, Do you want Vented, Direct vent or Vent free.

Vented units are considered more for decoration, give a little heat and save you the time of having to build a fire. These generally come as gas logs that go into an existing fireplace with the damper left open.

Direct vent units are becoming extremely popular. Depending on the quality of the unit, they can really put out a tremendous amount of bone warming heat. Be careful, if you go economical, the flame will be mostly for looks. They way they work is you have a sealed up unit with solid glass and a screen on the front. They tend to have an exhaust and an intake. One to draw in air for combustion and the other to expel the exhaust.  These units can be free standing in the middle of the room, inside of a wall with only the front showing or into an existing wood burning fireplace. Don’t worry it can be confusing, just stop in ask us, we’ll be glad to help you.

Vent free units, they are the simplest and tend to be the least expensive. They give you a tremendous amount of heat instantly and they are 99 percent efficient. With these you don’t need a vent, so no messy holes to cut through. The way they work is like a gas stove in your kitchen except cleaner burning. These come as freestanding units, zero clearance fireboxes, inserts for inside the fireplace or simple gas logs. Again don’t worry if it gets confusing, come in and ask some question, we would be glad to help you.